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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we choose our own Keepsake Album color?
YES absolutely

Can we choose our own table place holder style?
YES absolutely

Do you charge for set up and breakdown time and is that part of the time we pay for?
NO - you do not pay for any other time

Is there a deposit required to hold the date?
Yes a $200 flat fee is required to hold you date and secure our services

When is the balance due?
Balance is due 10 days prior to your event date.

What if we want to change the times and extend the time on the day of the event?
Additional time can be added - there is an hourly fee for this and you can change the times if they are doable within our schedule and it depends on when you inform us of the change, but we will try to accommodate time changes after contract signing as much as possible and it usually is possible!

What if my venue changes - will there be any additional costs?
NONE whatsoever unless it is out of State where additional travel charges may apply
Are double prints included in the rental fee?
Yes, unlimited photo strips in black and white, color and sepia tone are included

Are we limited to the amount of times we can go in the booth or is there a limit on the amount of photos we can have?
No limit - you can have as many photos within the time of the contract.

What size are the prints?
Prints are in strips of 4 at 2 inches by 6 inches size glossy format

Can we have a special message printed on the index sheets and is there a charge?
Yes absolutely and there is no charge

How big of an area do you require and how big is the booth?
The booth measures 6 feet high by 5 feet by 5 feet - the area required is about 6 feet square
**Remember we also need a table for props and album next to the booth.

Can your booth go upstairs?
YES absolutely  - our booth breaks down into 2 custom flight cases like the same ones used in concerts - we assemble it and you would never know it was flight cased - these days unlike the old days where the old booths were once solid piece and could not get though doors or up stairs and needed lots of space, technology and design has made this a thing of the past! - if the stairs are more than a certain amount or outside then a small fee may be applicable

Do you set up outside and is there any charges or anything I should know about?
If set up outside the booth must be covered by tenting, hang over, deck covering or similar - we do not set up a photo booth in the open air as if there is rain then our clients would face replacement of the booth and we do not want that - we can help or supply cover if needed.

Where should we position the booth?
We suggest in a clear uncluttered area within the main space or in an adjoining space or room away from the dance floor - near a bar or other close area where guests are gathering and having fun - sometimes space is limited and we set up in the hallway or adjoining space - this also can work effectively

Who will bring the booth and be with it during the entire time?
2 qualified technicians and will be with the booth at all times during the event.

How long does it take to set up the booth?
We allow up to 1 hour - depends on the location or stairs, or load in criteria and if we have to go up an elevator of many floors but do not worry we are always set up on time and would check this information out before the date with the venue

Can we create our own package with different add on's?
Yes absolutely

Do you bring any hats or boa's or fun things for guests to add to their look when taking a photo?
Yes absolutely we can bring hats, boa's, inflatable's and anything you want. Some packages have these included.

Is there a minimum time that we can hire the booth for - can we hire it for 1 hour for example?
There is a minimum charge for up to 4 hours, but we can work with you and listen to your request and price it accordingly to suit your needs but we do not travel to a location 50 miles and then only set up for 1 hour - this would not be cost effective, and usually clients require the booth for at least 4 hours

Is the booth a 'proper photo booth"?
Yes it is a proper photo booth.

It is not a home made booth or a photographers made booth:
Our booths are industry built by a manufacturing company to high standards

More questions?
Email us here
Stefanie Graham
Vice President